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Located in the Museum District, Little Saint is a purveyor of Local + Thoughtfully Sourced New Virginian Cuisine from Chef Alex Enggist.

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Little Saint opened in October 2017 and is located inside the area once known as the Devil's Triangle- now the heart of the Museum District. The restaurant is the latest and most personal expression of the RVA Hospitality Group's owner, Frances Santarella. Serving local, fresh dishes crafted in the tradition of Alice Waters, the New Virginia cuisine ventures into uncharted territories of food + drink. Little Saint promises healthy, exciting food that you can eat daily--paired with house-crafted sodas, cocktails, small batch liquors & a lovingly curated wine list ranging from the obscure to the popular- all at neighborhood prices.

Little Saint's modern farmhouse interior, designed by owner Frances Santarella, reflects the sensibilities of the neighborhood while also paying tribute to Richmond's shift towards local + fresh ingredients--and of course highlights Southern hospitality! The attention to detail showcases eco-friendly products, energy-efficient lighting + machinery, seasonality + a commitment to local artisans, farmers and craftsmen.

The seventy-five seat restaurant offers three engaging dining options: the lively, bar-height communal tables in the North Room , the traditional table side options in the South Room and the sunny sections of the outdoor patio.

The kitchen offers an array of fare, from seared local sea scallops to gluten-free fried chicken + waffles. Special attention is paid to dietary restrictions, with keto-friendly, gluten-free, and vegan + vegetarian choices. With each dish, one local ingredient is the star--be it Autumn Olive Farms pork, New Frontier bison, or Twin Oaks tofu-- accompanied by SIP certified wines, seasonal accompaniments, with a team of caring chefs + waitstaff as the supporting cast.  A team of award-winning bartenders transform seasonal  fruits and vegetables (along with small-batch local liquors) into unique cocktails. The wine list is curated of sustainable, local, unique and cutting edge wines from rock star winemakers, scientists and salt of the earth people making good wine the right way-- with a love of community.






(804) 303-9772



2901 Park Avenue
Richmond, VA



M Closed
T -Th 10a–10p
F-Sa 10a–11p
Su 10a–10p

Ted Santarella Fund


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– Golden Age (1800’s) –


rum, lime, simple

old fashioned | 9

rye, simple, ango
+ add cognac or mezcal | 2

gIMLET | 9

gin, lime, simple

Brown Derby | 11

rye, grapefruit, honey

Emerald/Rob Roy/Manhattan | 11

irish, scotch, or american whiskey, sweet vermouth


– Prohibition
(1920-1933) –

Bee’s Knees | 9

gin, honey, lemon

Ward | 9

rye, lemon, orange juice, grenadine

Corpse Reviver #2 | 11

gin, cocchi americano, lemon, cointreau, absinthe

Scofflaw | 10

rye, dry vermouth, lemon, grenadine


– Rat Pack Era
(1950-1960) –

*Prado | 12

maraschino, grenadine, lemon, egg white

Dry Martini | 10

gin, d ry vermouth, olive or twist

Cosmopolitan | 10

vodka, curacao, lime, cranberry

Golden Dream | 9

galliano, curacao, orange juice, cream

– Pre-Prohibition (1880-1920) –

Aviation | 12

gin, maraschino, violette, lemon

Collins (Tom,
John, Vodka) | 8

spirit, lemon, simple, soda

Jack Rosé | 10

apple brandy, grenadine, lemon

*Clover Club | 10

gin, raspberry, lemon, egg white, dry vermouth

Negroni | 11

gin, sweet vermouth, campari

Brooklyn | 11

rye, maraschino, dolin dry, amaro

– International Era
(1920-1930) –

sidecar | 11

cognac, lemon, dry curacao

margarita | 12

tequila, dry curacao, lime, agave

texas fizz | 10

gin, lemon, orange, grenadine, sparkling wine

paloma | 10

tequila, grapefruit, l ime, agave, salt

southside | 10

gin, lime, simple, mint

– Our House –

that boy ain’t rye | 11

rye, strawberry, absinthe, citrate, peychaud’s, mint

fire opal | 10

rum, aperol, lemon, basil, jalapeño

ol’cliché | 11

gin, benedictine, lime, grapefruit, campari, club soda

tom yum yum | 11

rum, coconut, lemongrass, jalapeño, lemon

frigid beach | 11

vodka, cachaca, creme de mure, lemon, ginger, absinthe

– French Quarter (1900) –

house roffignac | 12

shrub, cognac, citrus

house hurricane | 14

rum, rum, rum! fruits, grenadine

Vieux Carré | 12

rye cognac, sweet vermouth, benedictine, bitters

Sazerac | 10

rye or cognac, gomme, peychaud’s, absinthe,


– The Tiki Boom
(1934-1950) –

painkiller | 11

rum, coconut cream, pineapple, orange, nutmeg

jungle bird | 10

dark rum, campari, pineapple, lime, simple

saturn | 11

gin, lemon, passion fruit, orgeat, falernum

singapore sling | 12

gin, cherry heering, curacao, benedictine, grenadine, pineapple, lime, ango

lion’s tail | 11

bourbon, allspice dram, lime, simple, ango

– Happy Hour –

Monday thru Friday
3pm to 7pm

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